In today’s day and age, SEO is everything for website creators and owners. Essentially, if you want to gain traffic on your site, you must do everything you can to ensure that your site is coming up at the top of Google’s results page. Here are some simple tips for making your site more easily searchable.

  1. Don’t Post the Same Thing Twice

Duplicate content is one of the most destructive factors when it comes to SEO. Uploading duplicate content can greatly affect your site’s ranking and make your site less accessible to users.

  1. XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps are essentially a basic layout of your website, showing the structure of each of the pages on your site. By creating an XML sitemap, you will make it easier for Google to find exactly what it is looking for when your site is being searched, as it will have a simple blueprint to analyze.

  1. Responsive Design

Nowadays, most people are surfing the web from their mobile phones or tablets. Because of this, you must ensure that your site is compatible with any and all of the devices that your viewers could be using.

  1. Easily Searchable URLs

While this may not seem like the most important aspect to SEO, you should make sure that all of the pages have distinct URLs so that they can be found more easily.

  1. Image Optimization

For full tips on this topic, you can read our other blog post about Image Optimization. Essentially, you only have so much real estate on your site, and you want to make sure that every image you use is as profitable as possible. For SEO purposes, you can do this by naming your images using keywords, using tags, and building a sitemap for your image in order to pass the image data along to Google.